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February 14, 2020
bottled water

The Top 5 Foods & Drinks to Avoid for a Healthy Mouth

Caring for your oral health means more than brushing and flossing. Of course, those daily dental habits are essential in terms of treating your mouth well, […]
January 24, 2020
dental implants

How Do I Know if I Need Dental Implants?

Missing teeth is surely nothing to smile about. Not only is the look less-than desirable, but overall function is diminished significantly. When both the tooth and […]
January 10, 2020
invisible teeth straightener

Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign

Crooked, crowded, or oddly spaced out teeth that are not as aesthetically pleasing as one would like. While “perfect” teeth are not on everyone’s must-have list, […]
December 27, 2019
husband and wife brushing their teeth

Age and Your Oral Health

As you get older, you’ll likely experience changes in your body and overall health. Your teeth are not exempt from the changes! In fact, older adults […]
December 13, 2019
woman flossing her teeth

Why Flossing Matters

Along with brushing, flossing is probably the most important and frequently recommended action you can take to improve your oral hygiene routine. Flossing seems pretty straightforward, […]
November 22, 2019
Dentist with Dropper

Cannabis and Your Oral Health

At this point it’s common knowledge that smoking is not good for your health. While tobacco smoking remains the most prevalent form, smoking cannabis has grown […]
November 7, 2019
Dentist Doing Paperwork

Understanding Your Dental Insurance

During open enrollment for benefits from your employer, you are often asked whether or not to include dental insurance. For just a few dollars a month […]
September 23, 2019
woman holding cheek caused bytooth pain

How Root Canals Save Abscess Teeth

When a tooth needs a root canal it’s because the dental pulp inside has become infected. If left untreated, the infection can permanently damage the tooth […]
September 23, 2019
Root Canal Recovery

What to Expect During Root Canal Recovery

After the root canal, your tooth should feel much better. However, you’ll still want to take the necessary precautions so your tooth heals correctly. In this […]
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