Tooth Colored Fillings Westerville Ohio

There are various reasons why your tooth hurts when you chew. One common reason could be that you have an abscessed tooth.

If you have a tooth that is abscessed there are two options. In order to save the tooth it will need to be treated with a root canal. After a root canal, your dentist will most likely core and crown the tooth. The other option for an abscessed tooth is to have the tooth removed. While this is the cheaper option it will cause other teeth to shift and may cause other problems in the future.

The other reason a tooth may hurt to bite on is a cracked tooth.

The crack could be in the top portion of the tooth only or may go deeper into the tooth. Most dentists will treat a cracked tooth with a core and a crown, which will tie the tooth together and hopefully take care of the symptoms. If a crown alone does not help, the tooth will need a root canal. If you are having these symptoms please contact our office so we can diagnose what type of problem you are having.

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