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Dentistry has changed drastically in the last twenty-five years. Before modern dental techniques were adopted, dentists used composite metal forms or inserts to fill cavities or to a crown a tooth.

While metal may have seemed like a great option, it really wasn’t. Metal fillings shrink or expand when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. This movement weakens the natural structure of the tooth, causing hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

The expanding and contracting metals also cause a problem with bacteria infecting the weakened teeth, which leads to expensive procedures and can contribute to gum disease.

Today, your dentist knows the benefits of metal free dentistry. If you break a tooth or have discolored teeth, porcelain veneers or crowns can be bonded directly to the affected teeth – resulting in a much healthier option for your mouth.

Three Benefits of Metal Free Dentistry:

  1. Strength: Composite fillings are stronger than metal and last longer, even on molars.
  2. Restoration: Composite fillings are generally made up of glass, quartz and resin, they restore teeth as close to the tooth’s original tensile strength as is technically possible.
  3. Price: These new veneers and crowns cost less compared to metal because less material is needed to fill a tooth with the biocompatible resin.

You can be assured that your new filling will be in place for many years, without expanding, cracking or giving you discomfort. If you do have metal fillings, ask your dentist to take a look at them to determine if and when they need to be replaced.

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