Oral DNA Testing

What is saliva testing?

The team at Westerville Dental Associates is trained in the use of saliva testing to help diagnose the causative bacteria of periodontal disease and other conditions. 

Biomarkers present in saliva help verify the susceptibility to periodontal disease and other conditions. Saliva tests, also known as oral DNA testing, identify microorganisms and inflammatory factors related to periodontitis, viral infections, and candidiasis through their unique DNA sequences. 

How does saliva testing work?

The patient’s saliva is collected by one of our team members who marks the desired tests to be run and then mails the sample to a lab. The lab processes the salivary samples and reports the results via an online portal to the dentist.

What are the advantages of saliva testing?

Saliva testing is non-invasive, easily performed, and economical. It helps both the hygienist and the dentist better understand a patient’s periodontal health or tendencies.  Our goal is to stabilize the patient's active periodontal disease quickly and efficiently so that they don't have uncontrolled destruction by the disease long-term.

Periodontal disease cannot be cured - only stabilized/controlled. Saliva testing allows for much more targeted and case-specific treatment to reduce the risk of needing future additional therapy.

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