Choosing the Right Toothpaste, Westerville,OH Dentist

With so many different toothpaste brands on the market with many of the same claims, trying to find the right toothpaste can be overwhelming.

From whitening toothpaste to anti-cavity toothpaste and everything in between, how do you know which toothpaste is best for you? The dental hygienists at Westerville Dental have provided a guide to helping you choose the perfect toothpaste for your needs.

ADA Seal

Regardless of the brand or whether it whitens or desensitizes, always choose toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). This guarantees that the dental product has been tested and its ingredients are effective and live up to their claims. The ADA seal of approval should be the first thing you look for on toothpaste.


Another non-negotiable element of toothpaste is fluoride. Almost every toothpaste out there contains fluoride, and rightfully so. Fluoride is the key ingredient that strengthens your enamel and helps ward off cavities. Some natural toothpaste brands omit fluoride from their formulas even though it has been proven to be an essential component of proper oral care. Stay away from these toothpaste especially if your main goal is to prevent cavities.


If you’re looking for a toothpaste that will brighten your smile, whitening toothpaste will be the best choice for you. Whitening toothpaste contains abrasives that remove tooth surface stains from your teeth, leaving you with the natural white color of your teeth. Check the ingredients for carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to get the best whitening effects.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth may have you cutting back on your brushing, but this will only worsen your sensitivity. Thankfully, there is a specially designed toothpaste that strengthens your enamel and reduces the sensitivity of your teeth. Using toothpaste specifically made for sensitive teeth, as well as avoiding sugary and acidic foods, can help reduce and even eliminate your tooth sensitivity.

Tartar Control

Without consistent oral care, plaque can harden on and between your teeth and turn into tartar. Tartar buildup can lead to a variety of serious dental issues, including gum disease. Tartar control toothpaste help prevent and reduce tartar buildup, but the best way to remove tartar is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist.

Brushing your teeth is undoubtedly the most important part of your oral care routine, so it’s crucial that you find and use toothpaste that is safe and effective. Follow the guidelines above or contact us at 614-882-1135 for help finding the most effective toothpaste for your situation and your smile.