Westerville Dentists

Depending on the type of procedure, Westerville Dental Associates may administer: local anesthesia (often referred to as Novocaine), inhalation anesthetics (better known as Nitrous Oxide) or oral anti-anxiety medications (sedation and sleeping aids and medications). Westerville Dental Associates also offers patients access to Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologists which can administer even deeper levels of sedation. At Westerville Dental Associates, we are committed to your comfort.

During the initial consultation, we will determine the type of anesthesia that is best for your situation based on your medical history and anxiety level. In the end, the choice of anesthesia is always made by you.

  • Medications remain in your blood stream for up to 24 hours.
  • A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office and remain there during the surgery.
  • You cannot operate a vehicle or machinery for 24 hours after undergoing sedation or general anesthesia.
  • Some patients experience near or even total amnesia of the procedure.
  • During the procedure, a local anesthesia is typically used to numb the area even when a general anesthesia has been administered.
  • You will be allowed to leave the office after the procedure once you are able to comfortably sit up and drink fluids.

You can read more about dental anesthesia at the American Dental Association’s website.