Diode Laser Soft Tissue Therapy Westerville

Westerville Dental Associates utilizes Diode Laser technology as another way of making dental treatments as quick and non-invasive as possible for our patients. The Diode Laser is used in several aspects of dental surgeries.  Laser technology helps us more precisely manage the gum tissues around teeth when creating impressions for dental restorations, including crowns and bridgework.

Unlike other surgical instruments, the laser is both painless and bloodless and seals nerve endings, helping eliminate infections and inflammations.

Diode Laser treatments have also advanced our ability to treat other soft tissue issues, such as periodontal disease, where we can now use the laser to kill bacteria in periodontal pockets, healing infected tissue areas.

What you should know about Diode Laser Treatments

  • The Diode Laser emits concentrated energy in the form of a light beam, which in turn vaporizes matter.
  • As a surgical instrument, the laser makes extremely accurate, bloodless incisions.
  • The virtual elimination of bleeding during surgery gives us a clearer operating field and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Because the dental laser delivers pulses of energy too short to trigger a neural response, the majority of patients report very little post operative discomfort.  Anesthesia is used during most laser procedures. 

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