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Americans consume foods and drinks that are high in sugar and starches more than ever before. Alarmingly, a steady diet of sugary foods and drinks can ruin teeth, especially among those who snack throughout the day. Grazing habitually on foods with minimal nutritional value, and frequently sipping on sugary drinks — such as pop, energy drinks and juice — all have a tendency to contribute towards tooth decay and send you straight to the dentist.

Sugar on teeth supplies food for bacteria, which produces acid. The acid in turn can eat away the enamel on teeth. Almost all foods have some type of sugar that cannot and should not be eliminated from our diets. Many of them contain important nutrients and add enjoyment to eating. Dentists know that there is extra risk for tooth decay if your diet is high in sugars and starches. Starches can be found in everything from bread to pretzels to salad dressing, so read labels and plan carefully for a balanced, nutritious diet.

Some ways you can reduce your risk of tooth decay:

  • If you choose to consume sugary foods and drinks, do so with meals.
  • Limit between-meal snacks.
  • Drink more water.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and floss daily.
  • See your dentist regularly.

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