Westerville Cosmetic Dentists

For patients who are missing teeth,  our Westerville dentists will create custom dentures to replace the natural teeth appearance and function.  Custom dentures also help prevent any remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment.  Westerville Dental Associates can provide implants to stabilize the denture which can greatly improve the comfort  of your new dentures.

Dentures do much more than improve your smile. They help maintain your face's proper shape and muscle tone, and help make sure you don't experience difficulty in chewing and speaking.

Types of Dentures

Depending on the number of teeth that are lost, our Westerville dentists may be able to fabricate a partial denture allowing you to keep as many healthy teeth as possible.

In certain situations, the denture can be created in advance and placed  immediately after the teeth are removed, avoiding a prolonged period without teeth.

What you should know about Dentures

  • Getting dentures will require several appointments.
  • During your first appointment, exact measurements are taken of your teeth and dental structure.
  • Highly accurate impressions (or “molds”) are then made from your teeth to create your custom dentures.
  • Typically, several follow-up appointments are needed to adjust the denture’s shape, color and fit.
  • At the final appointment, the finished denture is precisely placed and adjusted to make sure it fits and feels comfortable.
  • Patients typically experience increased saliva flow, some soreness, and possible difficulties with speech and chewing when they first get their dentures. However, these conditions will go away as your muscles and tissues adapt to them.

Our staff will provide you with complete instructions on how to properly care for the new dentures, including proper cleaning of the pieces, oral hygiene practices and appropriate eating habits.